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Wine Down with Friends and Collegues 

Host your next event in BRK Republic’s Wine Tasting Room! Our space is equipped with everything to make a fun, engaging, and an unforgettable experience. With 24 wines on tap, we’re sure to please every guest's pallet. We use an enomatic wine dispensing system which utilizes a wine-preservation technology that guarantees a fresh pour everytime. The best part? Our dispensing system is the only self-service venue in North Palm Beach County! Your guests will be able to act as their own bartender, ensuring their glass never runs dry.

Whether you're looking for an event that's Better than Boxed Wine or a Sommeliers Soiree we have you covered

and will provide a customized experience for your group. 

A Private Party in the Wine Tasting Room offers:

  • Use of Wine Tasting Room as event space

    • Host is permitted to decorate/set-up space to match/fit the needs of their event

      • Decorations must be provided by and set up by host and cannot be permanent or leave damage/residual issues to WTR appearance

      • Host will be responsible for facilitating/providing catering (we’ll provide list of vendors used in the past if asked) 

  • Complimentary Day Pass for Off-Leash park for non-member guests - packages do not include dog-care at this time.​

  • WTR Staff on site during event

    • Our exceptional staff will be in the WTR to greet guests, facilitate purchases of WTR reloadable cards, and ensure machines are fully stocked during the duration of the event

  • Guests will have access to the use of our wine dispensing machines through the purchase of a WTR reloadable card with card activation fees waived!​

  • Social Media outreach on various channels (if applicable) ​

Required from the host: 

  • Initial guest list/head count

  • Final head count provided to WTR 48 hours in advance of event date

  • Host is to ensure that all dogs attending event are registered online before arriving


These additional add-ons are available for all custom private events but are not limited to:

Catering (light bites/charcuterie), champagne toast, live musical performances (single song-writters or DJs), photography/videography, invitation outreach (invitation sent to our personal mailing list),  and more! 

Intrigued? Reach out to our team!

Let's make your party dreams come true.

Thanks for submitting!

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